Hammond, Louisiana

Born and raised on the west side of Hammond, Louisiana, and currently based in Dallas, TX, independent rapper DrillaBaaby is emerging as one of the most compelling young artists in modern southern global hip-hop today. He shows an uncanny ability to turn his real-life experiences into captivating music with a natural gift for storytelling and a gritty vision of urban America, embracing a deep connection to music and the social discourse around local/national upbringing. Musically inclined since birth, Drilla started rapping in second grade. Raised by his mother and three other siblings, music and lyrical art have always been the passion driving the momentum behind his push to be better in life. After narrowly dodging a life sentence for armed robbery, he decided to devote himself entirely to his craft, aiming to create better opportunities for himself and his young son. As a result, he has attracted legions of devoted fans around his region, evident in his streaming numbers on Soundcloud. Topping a quarter-million overall plays on the platform today, ‘Drillabaaby’ is well on his way to creating a lasting legacy in hip-hop, sitting on a steady stream of new releases expected for 2021 and beyond. ‘Drillabaaby’ is currently promoting the debut release of his new single “The Spark,” executively produced by Bushwick Productions.

“…growing up, my parents got me small instruments like pianos, drums, and guitars as a child. As an adult, I recently faced 5-99 years in 2017 for Armed Robbery. But I received a 10-year deferred sentence and continued my life on probation by the grace of God and my lawyer Brook Busbee…”

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